To all you weak MC’s, all you hardcore wannabe’z if u step into the ring be prepared to swing!! -Otep

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Welcome to what just may well be described as the most important website on the planet today.
And, believe it or not, this is said in all humility.

Not only does this site resolve Pi – but big bangs will too be shown as myth, as flat worlds are now viewed.

Conceptual habits many millenia old are released; fate and freewill are coupled again; creationism and evolution, seen as not individually comprehensive, are used together as one; science and religion are too resolved and built upon, using both, after transcending both; infinity and eternity will also be seen to have a value of one – and much, much more.

The fundamental model used by our mathematics, used and shared by each and every scientific and mathematical calculation ever done, will also be put in perspective and subsequently built upon using rational and logical observations easily verified. This will increase the scope of the sciences, and ‘new’ mathematical formulae are also provided to assist in the progression described.You will see mankind only able to think after four fundamental forms, and these are shown as a progression also in our evolution. These four paradigms available include and encompass, on the one hand the conceptual state of the sciences and 99.999% of all humankind in our entire evolution – and on the other hand the states of personal genius in all fields, of the bodhisatvas, of the spiritual leaders and personal salvation, of the mystics and seers and prophets of olde – and each and every point in between. You will see an atheist as but one who has not yet had their questions answered – but that these are our searchers, and that if they persevere they will get their answers soon, undoubtedly. To thine own self be true.

You will no longer impose your pattern of ‘how things work’ on the universe, but will think after the same fundamental model that atoms and electric currents and spinning tops and even solar systems follow, and the universe will then impress its pattern on you and come alive, and you with it.The evolution of the individual and group mind of mankind, as seen through the non-conscious archetypal realms, is thus documented as a progression. This is from our most archaic passed to our present day – and includes the entire width and depth and breadth that is humankind, from origin to terminus. For too will be shown the possible futures we face at this point in time. And you will then be able to read again all our bibles the world over knowing how things actually happened – as opposed to the made for tv version – in rational terms any individual reading this can relate to. And myths from Gilgamesh to the likes of Virgil and Homer and Ovid through to Dante and Milton and such as the Kalevala will take on new light and be seen as examples of our history and will come alive. You will see the occult as very real – and you will see not only the protection you already have, but the defense that is available and, like a video game, gets vastly stronger the more progress is made on your path, as you too get stronger. You will see karma and transmigration (reincarnation) introduced again, and they will be seen as laws of universal balance which we are subject – but which we can also transcend, for one can indeed be beyond the circle of the fates. You will see yin and yang as concepts fundamental to the reality you perceive. You will see your mortal and your immortal parts. You will see.

You will be released of many things, many chains – merely by looking at your own world a little differently, more comprehensive. Isn’t it evident that, in any ‘enlightenment’, before and after this enlightenment it was the same world ? Didn’t the individual just choose to look at it differently ? And later even, you can use tools that will be provided to make symbols of names, of concepts; to read and analyze subtleties using the properties of the primal elements, of fundamental yin and yang, of past and future, the subjective/objective – hinged using the concept and retinue of the moment, the now, as the primary axis. You can then even overlay the symbol for select cures over such like cancer and get subtler feedback if you wish – generally and/or how it applies to you, among other things, if you so desire. You can even overlay your astrological nativity upon your name to see, not your own horizon and perspective at birth but the perspective from one – why you are here, where you fit, your strengths and weaknesses and the tools that you took on your journey. This you will be shown gw. For you will see that the moment is the only place that life exists, can exist – and past and future are naught but projections of mind on either side. And you will witness the axiom that “in eternity naught is past and naught is future – all is present only”.

So I think it isn’t really a good idea to punk this site off. Unless, there is the case – roughly 43% of the population – where they shouldn’t be bothered with stuff like this, they have well-deserved recreation and release. Lets call them baby souls – our brute labour force, “the herd” – and like any baby if they are not fed and nurtured in a loving atmosphere where they can grow up securely, well, they kinda end up having a tough go of things in their lives. The other three classes of humankind, representing the rest and the majority, should pay attention. For you will see the natural order of hu man, the soul’s progression and how our society should have been balanced by now but will be at one point in our future – one way or another, sooner or later. You will see how we have progressed and where we are and will be – and this natural order is genderless, raceless, colorless, ageless and encompassing all of us.

You will see no man, no woman, no child denied. You will see every individual alive on our planet today as able to have their place of content, of individual freedom to be themselves as they choose. You will see no diversity here – you will see where we are all the same. That is what (future-tense for the entirety) is in this site so yes, I think it could easily be construed as at least a little important. And there’s more. You will also see humankind as now nearing the end of a transition between ages, a place of great power where a large quantity of souls with very great strength and integrity chose to be borne. There are many here too whose first and last appearance here is for our place and time, souls very mighty whose integrity is beyond question. I bow to these and bid welcome, but who are you ? the reader ? These are not only spiritual warriors that will now wake and make appear, but so too will the generals and individuals of vast worth – hidden until now. Hidden in every walk of life and discounted and generally out of the systems – “in the world but not of it”. These are the true heroes of our future who will appear if necessary – and there are many heroic tales of valour ready also to unfold, waiting for naught but the slightest catalyst to send them to their chosen way. They will unite in their indignant rage and be thrown together by necessity and circumstance – be aware – but will have to say, for one last time “not in my name you don’t”. But in the words of Augustine – the reward of patience is patience. You will see no reason to fear.

For these powerful and previously ‘unknown’ individuals are waking – more and more and more and more by the year, by the month, the day. I’ve watched it increase much in the time I’ve observed, and it must be now that all is in place and where they are supposed to be. And this power is not measured to any economic scale, but is measured by those who live “to thine own self be true” and know where better to focus their aims than that golden fucking calf.

And a dramatic and potentially volatile shift in mankind’s future will be glimpsed – as will be seen your choice as to whether we take this turn smoothly or flying n screeching out of control.

You will see our world’s corporate organized religions, and they will be put in their place. And you will be free of sin and guilt, free of beasts and messiahs – for you are your own beast and you will saviour own ass. You will truly see your own glimpse, of your own part in the opus magna, the “great work of god” – and you will be spurred to action for you will also see apathy as a child of sloth, and one of the deadly seven. And you will see all gods as one. This is where Jesus greets you as a brother and truly steps into your heart – and you will hear him make no special claims to himself and you will feel him shed a tear for every drop of blood spilt in his name and you will hear him cry that ‘divine birth’ is meant for all. You will feel his tears. This is where you will see your god is indeed a just god – and that allah (the compassionate, the merciful) will be seen as albeit another aspect of one, but one who smiles upon the warriors created.

Once you’re finished, you will throw away all your interpretations of any scripture, and you will interpret it yourself as it was intended – for it will be a different interpretation from that extant today, and now is the time.You will see your encyclopaedias include the ‘purest’ and unedited (as far as is possible) Koran, Torah, Testaments, the Gitas and Vedas and Eddas and Chings and Corpii and Codexes and all the sacred and esoteric the world over, bar none from any culture – for they are but separate volumes of one truly glorious and magnificent set, one quite incredible puzzle where all these noted, and many many many more, play each a vital piece of a comprehensive whole. And you will see again our genesis, and you will see our last day, although you may call them by the scientific terms of anode and cathode.

Death will be seen not as an ending, but as a nexus – like puberty and menopause, stages passed that cannot be went back to, but looked on with reminisce. And in this journey we will see truly our wars and our sufferings, and they too will be put in their place – as will the cancer in our societies today. This borderless cancer – the strings behind the strings you see – will be shown as sitting in naught but a gilded prison of their own design. Good thing this life is fleeting eh ?

Those who use falsities as their right to prosecute and oppress – these global wars, these terrors and uni-polar aspirations built upon deceits too will be put in perspective and their foundations will crumble – and the results of their actions will be available for all to see.

For you will see the bindenberg and three-legged commissions, the global ‘poverty fighters’ and international monkeytary funds, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, the “PNACky and the Brainless” Saturday morning cartoon we have unfolding before our eyes, the senselessCOMs, fuckedCOMs, the obscure and ‘hidden in plain site’ uni-polar body that claims illumination in name and even religious ‘corporations’ as naught but petty criminals, and actually too arrogant and cocky to even be smart about it anymore – as they ‘fight’ to keep our people poor and oppressed solely in a misguided and quite childish attempt to try and elevate their very selves. Holy fuck – like children they cover their eyes and think you cannot see them, and think they have you fooled.

One big Saturday morning cartoon….that’s why they called it the inept buuuuuunch. Don’t flatter them with the concept evil – they’re just bad and nasty kids pulling legs off spiders and stealing lunch money, and deserve naught but a resounding slap in the mouth. Don’t flatter them with this term for although they may even arrogantly state possession of this virtue, they don’t understand it in the least. They are not evil, they are just bad.

It matters naught that some of their plans have encompassed generations long gone, for will also be seen the axiom that “two thousand years is as a day”, and a planetary moment will be seen as our calendar year. Time is indeed relative, on every scale, and there has been other ‘plans’ unfolding long before theirs were even conceptually recognized. And these ‘other plans’ not only have counterbalance and governor inherent – but is where ‘we’ as a people and as a unified whole, are aimed. But you will see these noted above as naught but heretics, abominations and just plain ole dick-heads with their head too far up their ass for their minds to function effectively. And that part of it isn’t going to be pretty. But regarding them you will probably be like me – and not really give two shits either way, for your protection will be, precisely, the god that they claim as their own. Did I mention this site shows infinity = eternity = one ? Well, when you have one at your back – you will fear no man, no beast, no daemon from the aether.

Ironic as fuck aint it ?

Don’t let anyone ever tell you the universe doesn’t have a sense of humour.”